Well-Being Challenges

Engage Your Employees!

Imagine your employees supporting each other as they build new skills and practice new behaviors throughout the year. HPMI has developed a variety of fun, motivating challenges that touch on all areas of well-being and incorporate proven habit-building techniques that cause long-term behavior change. Since we take a holistic approach, our challenges tie in nicely with the four phases of Transformational Wellness: Drive, Move, Nourish, and Balance. We are continually adding fresh material to re-engage previous participants and attract those who have never taken part in a workplace challenge before.

Incent Employees to Make Healthy Choices

Now, let’s up the ante. While a spirit of healthy competition drives a portion of your employees to sign up for individual and group challenges, incentive programs draw in an even larger segment of your workforce. Through our well-being portal, HPMI manages points systems and reporting that can earn employees and their spouses reductions in health insurance premiums as well give them the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

A Sampling of Our Challenges





We’re throwing down the gauntlet! Are you ready to instill a culture of health in your organization?  Contact us today to schedule your challenges for the year!

“I am grateful for our wellness program challenges for helping to get me motivated. My energy is through the roof, I’m up at 5 every morning to work out. My husband and I have started eating clean and I know I am building a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.”

– Participant, City of Ft. Morgan