Elevate Employee Well-Being

Check all the boxes for your well-being program for the entire year. You’ll receive a monthly toolkit complete with classes,  challenges, and resources for employees.

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Give your employees the data they need to actively participate in their health. Biometric screenings provide valuable insight into behaviors that impact overall health and well-being.

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Build a culture of wellness with fun and interactive individual and group challenges. Our fresh themes and ongoing encouragement will engage your entire workforce.

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Provide your employees with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information to live well and thrive. We offer individual and group sessions that address an array of topics.

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Let HPMI’s culture and well-being experts lend a helping hand, from program design to administration and management. We’re here to help shift your culture to one of wellness.

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Use our customized, web-based portal and mobile app to manage activities, announcements, and incentives while providing employees with tools to move the needle on their health.

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The HPMI Difference

Tailored Programs

“HPMI takes the time to get to know us as their customer. This goes a long way in administering a program that specifically makes sense to us. HPMI is not a one-size-fits-all vendor. They listen and curtail wellness to the client, not the other way around.”

– Michael, Director of HR and Risk Management

White Glove Service

“Thanks for handling the screening with such aplomb. Your team kept the focus on the facts, relating to each person on a one-to-one level and keeping an eye on the clock.  Wow, your group did that and made my boss and me look good too – thanks so much!”
– Kim, Wellness Coordinator

We Sweat the Small Stuff

“The team at HPMI takes a very personal approach. They take the time each year to understand our goals and what’s important to both our program and to our employees. They take care of the details from registration to reporting which makes our job much easier!”
– Lynn, Wellness Program Manager

Your Whole Year is Already Planned Out For You.

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