Transformational WellnessTM

Check All Your Wellness Program Boxes for the Entire Year

How would it feel to have your complete wellness program handed to you, then updated with fresh, new content every year? HPMI’s perennial solution offers an entire year of programming in one fell swoop—and builds the social and cultural foundations that are crucial for life-long vitality and organizational health.

About Transformational Wellness

Each quarter we take a deep dive into one of our focused themes: Drive, Move, Nourish, and Balance. Using proven strategies including personal goalsetting, peer encouragement, and scientifically based habit-building techniques, participants tune into healthy living in ways they never have before.

What Our Clients Love

Minimal Admin Time

Employer and employee toolkits are truly turnkey—say goodbye to planning, scheduling, and administrative time. Transformational Wellness has you covered!

A Year’s Worth of Programming

Annual planning calendar, quarterly themes, and ready-to-distribute monthly content put an end to disjointed or stop-and-start efforts with a fluid, consistent delivery schedule.

Simple Content

Content is delivered in digestible soundbites via a variety of channels (print, web-based, apps) to ensure every audience and learning style is engaged.


Organizations with small budgets and limited resources can provide their employees with a robust and effective wellness program.


The flexible Transformational Wellness framework allows you to easily incorporate your own offerings and branding to create a program tailored to your organization.


Touches on all aspects of well-being, including purpose, connection, achievement, growth, and resiliency.

Fresh, Relevant, and Engaging

Addresses trending topics and incorporates resource-rich materials, tools, and interactive technology that employees may already be using to catalyze change.

Culture Building

Sparks participants’ interest and hooks them with engaging activities that build healthy behaviors—which in turn build healthy habits—which influence your core culture.


Employees report they are more productive, energetic, and resilient, and incorporate wellness into their daily lives.

The Basic Annual Package Includes:

  • Launch Kit with Free Setup and Annual Planning Calendar Tool
  • Four Well-Being Classes or Challenges
  • Quarterly Employer Toolkit
    • Strategic Consulting/Admin Support
    • Culture-Building Activities
  • Monthly Employee Toolkit
    • Evidence-Based Healthy Habits
    • A Variety of Fresh Resources, e.g., Assessment, Video, Podcast, App, Echo/Google Skill

From there, each of our Transformational Wellness contracts can be supplemented with additional services to meet your specific needs.

Give us a call today to find out how Transformational Wellness will impact your business in ways you had never imagined.

“HPMI has really taken us to the next level with Transformational Wellness. They bring variety, creativity, and professionalism to the table. They make me look like a hero, they do a bang-up job, and the partnership is fun and rewarding.”

– Sandy Steinman, Director Human Resources, Jefferson Center