Classes & Coaching

Knowledge is Power

The more your employees know about how to care for their bodies and minds, the greater opportunity they’ll have to take control of their overall well-being. As studies show, multiple aspects of our environments affect our physical and mental health. That’s why our classes and coaching go far beyond diet and exercise, to include financial management, stress relief, communication, and more.

Well-Being Classes

Classes are an excellent way to round out your well-being program, and they fit nicely into the seasonal Transformational Wellness themes of Drive, Move, Nourish, and Balance. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors inspire and empower participants to make healthy adjustments to the habits that are compromising their happiness.

Here is a sampling of our class roster:

  • Change One Habit – Simple Changes to Overhaul Life
  • It’s About Time (Management)
  • What Pushes Your Buttons: Communication & Conflict
  • ..My Desk is Killing Me!
  • The Balanced Core
  • From Store to Stove
  • Sleep, It Does a Body Good!
  • Money Moxey
  • Energetic Living

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

HPMI offers both phone and in-person coaching to ensure employees receive the guidance and accountability they need to transform their lifestyles. This is particularly valuable for individuals who learned about health risks after biometric screenings. HPMI’s one-on-one coaching provides employees the knowledge and support they need in a safe, private, and compassionate environment.

During our coaching sessions, we:

  • Promote an integrated lifestyle approach that emphasizes health education, skill-building, accountability, and unconditional support for low and at-risk participants.
  • Guide participants to thrive with respect to health, well-being, and performance at home and work.
  • Use highly qualified, certified health coaches who are trained to deliver “stage-readiness” health coaching.

There are several coaching structures available. Give us a call today to discuss the best fit for your employee population and budget.

“Thank you HPMI for providing us with quality speakers for our Lunch and Learn programs. We have used the services of other Health and Wellness firms before. Our employees have noticed the difference in information presented, as well as the professionalism of the speakers. HPMI has been the preferred provider!”

– Karla, Human Resource Manager, Jefferson Center for Mental Health