What Fulfills You?

As we enter into a new year AND a new decade, many of us will begin to set resolutions and work to develop ourselves into what we believe to be the “ideal us.”
But, who and what really defines that anyway?
And, how likely is it that we will stick with our resolutions long-term?

The answers are:

  1. Ridiculous standards society has falsely created – the stories we tell ourselves
  2. Not very likely – our societal dreams and self-imposed stories are unsustainable

A more practical approach to refreshing ourselves in this new era of our lives is seeking out fulfilment. What fulfills you? What fulfills you at work? How can you be satiated in your career – and how can that lead to your wellbeing?

The most appropriate question, then, to ask yourself, rather than something to which you resolve is, 

“What is it that I want in life?”

Do you want to be the top salesman in your company?
Do you want to be known as a quality and top resource in your department?Do you want to be the president of the corporation?

Will these items and ideas truly satisfy your heart?

And, if they will, how can you use what truly fulfills you in life to get there?

  • Make a list of the practical steps you need to take to get you there.
  • Create a reasonable timeline to accomplish the steps you’ve decided to take.
  • Then, begin to create healthy habits surrounding these steps as a way to work towards your goals on a daily basis.

The more you practice these healthy habits, the more you will become inspired, as well as inspire and influence those around you.

And, the more you will become fulfilled.

Focus on your career, but also focus on your fulfillment.

Guess what, this will boost your wellbeing.

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