This Spring—Let’s Pivot!

Happy Spring!

My “one word” that I chose for 2018 to help focus and motivate me is pivot. I chose pivot because of the journey I’ve been on personally as well as where HPMI is headed.

Last fall I shared that I had started a six-month yoga teacher training. This was one of those things that I just DID without thinking where it would lead me. My journey has been no less than transformative.

As it turns out, yoga delivers way more than physical benefits. I have disrupted repetitive thought patterns, assumptions, aversions, and attachments. I let go of worries, have-nots, and not-enough’s. I feel steadier and more excited about the future. And I want to share all these benefits with others! That’s why I’m teaching two classes a week – one at our office in Broomfield.

As you pivot into spring, away from the dark and cold and into the light and warmth, what transformations can you make? What stories can you rewrite? How can you MOVE toward more joy and energy in your life?

~ Lisa Bailey, CEO

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