"Mindfulness has increased my ability to be calmer during stressful times. the program was the permission i needed to take good care of myself. Overall, minfulness practices help me notice with a greater awareness, ease, or enjoyment and appreciation of the world'

— Mindfullness Program Participant

Live the Best Version of Yourself Each Day!

Transformational Wellness is a year-long, integrated program that makes healthy living attainable, fun, and enduring. HPMI's customized program sparks participants' interest, hooks them with engaging activities, and builds the social and cultural foundations that are crucial for life-long vitality and organizational health. Each quarter we take a deep dive into one of our focused well-being campaigns: Drive, Move, Nourish, and Balance.

We provide organizations with a turnkey campaign toolkit that empowers participants with:
  • Personal goal setting methods
  • Easily adoptable habits and activities for work, home and on the road
  • Peer encouragement
  • Scientifically based habit-building techniques

Contact us today to find out how Transformational Wellness will impact your business in ways you had never imagined.
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