"We worked in partnership with HPMI to develop a program that would encourage people to be accountable for their health status. As a result, we've been able to contain healthcare costs without increasing contributions or changing our benefit design. Our experience with HPMI has been excellent."
— Mark Turk,
Executive Director,
Myron Stratton
What We Do
Invest in robust health-management what we do.

Health Screenings. Take concrete action to identify and reduce risks through early detection and prevention through biometric screenings.

Health Risk Assessment (HRAs). Assess health risks, obtain baseline data, target your programs, track progress and evaluate return on investment (ROI) over time with an HRA.

Online Health Portal (powered by Viverae). A simple, easy-to-use online health portal combining all the components of an effective program into one convenient package that engages employees and delivers results.

Health Coaching. For employees who are ready to make a change, lifestyle coaching and health advocacy can provide the support, accountability and resources they need.

Wellness Classes. Our presenters engage, inspire and connect with the audience in a way that makes for a lasting impression.

Wellness Challenges. We launch fun, individual and team-based wellness challenges combined with social networking that encourages adoption of healthy behaviors.

Incentive Program Design and Management. Incentives are an important vehicle for driving participation in your program. We have the knowledge and experience to design and manage a customized, cost-neutral strategy that will get results.

Account Management. Wellness is probably not your primary job, but it is ours. Let us use our decades of experience to design a new strategy or take your program to the next level.
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