"HPMI has really taken us to the next level. They bring variety, creativity and professionalism to the table, and they're open to committee ideas and suggestions. The partnership is fun and rewarding."
— Sandra Steinman,
HR Director
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Corporate wellness has exploded in the past few years. It's difficult to know all of your options — what would work best for your employees and the most cost-effective solution to reach your goals.

The key to a successful wellness program is keeping people engaged. This consists of three main elements:
  1. Maximizing leadership support.
  2. Manifesting a supportive culture.
  3. Providing employees with a steady stream of activities that promote wellness.
  4. Communicating effectively and often, and
  5. Positively reinforcing healthy activity with incentives.
HPMI has been helping corporate clients maneuver through the wellness minefield for over 30 years. We implement customized, data-driven programs that improve the health of high-risk employees and keep low-risk staff on the road to wellness.

If you're interested in finding out what it will take to implement a successful wellness program at your company, contact us today!
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