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~Ryan Lilly
May 2018 — This Spring--Let's Pivot!

Happy Spring!

The HPMI Warriors
My “one word” that I chose for 2018 to help focus and motivate me is pivot. I chose pivot because of the journey I’ve been on personally as well as where HPMI is headed.

Last fall I shared that I had started a six-month yoga teacher training. This was one of those things that I just DID without thinking where it would lead me. My journey has been no less than transformative.

As it turns out, yoga delivers way more than physical benefits. I have disrupted repetitive thought patterns, assumptions, aversions, and attachments. I let go of worries, have-nots, and not-enough’s. I feel steadier and more excited about the future. And I want to share all these benefits with others! That's why I'm teaching two classes a week – one at our office in Broomfield.

As you pivot into spring, away from the dark and cold and into the light and warmth, what transformations can you make? What stories can you rewrite? How can you MOVE toward more joy and energy in your life?

~ Lisa Bailey, CEO


Is it time to pivot and shake up your workout routine? This quarter's focus is on MOVE--and, not coincidentally, #MOVEinMay is the theme for National Physical Fitness and Sports Awareness Month.

At HPMI, we are big fans of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Why? Because these super-short workouts get you in shape, fast! Want to move from couch potato to hiking in the foothills without being out of breath? Train for a triathlon? Climb the Dolomites? Drop some pounds or your blood pressure? All of these can be achieved with very short, intense bursts of exercise. HIIT is effective for any age and level of fitness. Challenge yourself to incorporate HIIT exercises for the next 30 days and experience how a few minutes can be transformational. FYI - Lisa and her husband have committed to do at least 10 Burpees every day for the next 30 days! Join us in our burpee challenge or check out the HIIT resources on the right and choose your own challenge.

Michelle, HPMI Transformational Speaker and Trainer

Michelle has been a trainer, coach, and facilitator for over 20 years. Her engaging classes cover a variety of topics that include exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, sleep, preventing and managing chronic disease, work-life balance—and many more.

One of the things we really love about Michelle’s corporate wellness training is that her courses address and overcome universal obstacles, like prolonged sitting and lack of time. Her 'You Revolution' program, a 10-week lifestyle transformation training, has been delivered to more than 300 faculty and staff from Denver Public Schools.

Contact us at or call us at 303-297-0729 to learn more about Michelle's programs and how you can help your employees MOVE toward positive transformation.


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+ The Balanced Core
+ Help! My Desk is Killing Me
+ Exercise for Weight Loss
+ Feeding Your Feelings...Are You?
+ Mental Health and Wellness
+ Sleep, It Does a Body Good

Transformational Wellness™

A Whole Year's Worth of Programming. Check That Off Your List!

HPMI is also pivoting. We are celebrating our 35th year of creating healthy workplaces! What's our secret? Our goal has always been to serve our clients in a way that makes their lives easier and less stressful while delivering fresh, innovative programs that our clients are proud to call their own. Our mission, to transform individuals and work cultures into reflections of health, has remained unchanged, but our programs haven't. We stay at the forefront of the latest health and exercise research and habit-forming delivery techniques to create programs that stick.

To that end, we are proud to announce Transformational Wellness™ for small businesses. Now you can deliver a corporate-caliber well-being program with a budget and resource commitment you won't believe (in a good way!)

"HPMI has really taken us to the next level with Transformational Wellness. They make me look like a hero, they do a bang-up job, and the partnership is fun and rewarding." — HR Director

Sign up now and move on to your other projects! Email or call us at 303-297-0729 for a demo today.


2018 Challenge Spotlight: Backpack Through Europe™

NEW in 2018!

Backpacking across Europe is one of the most memorable experiences you can make. This virtual tour is specially designed to give the full experience, from scenic spots to fun facts to delicious-and healthy-local recipes.

Join us on our journey from England to Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, and Spain, getting your steps in as you experience this amazing continent rich in both nature and history.


Turn Up the Intensity
Get results in minutes, not hours, with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)




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